Information for owners


The board of Tromsø Taxi AS has decided that there will be an external inspection to comply with the duty of uniformity. During September, a security company will launch drivers control. Here it will be knocked down on unregulated outfits, which are not within the “provisions” of our range.

Our brand

We are reminded that our logo is protected by Tromsø Taxi AS and may not be used freely by other printing companies, products or persons without the permission of TT AS. Violations will be legalized.

Products to compliment additional outfit will be considered by the uniforms selection during the fall / winter.

Uniform rules

– Uniform shirt or pique shirt with logo.

– Black uniform sweater with logo.

– Thin spring / autumn jacket, blue with logo.

– Winter jacket with hood, blue with logo.

– Black trousers and black shoes.

N.B: Black jogging pants & gray sneakers are in violation of the rules!

– Ties are also possible for those who want to compliment their outfit.

Tromsø Taxi AS

Heilovegen 22

Postboks 2070

9266 Tromsø 983 707 874 MVA


Opening hours: 0900-1500 (Weekdays)

Phone: 77 60 30 10

Faks:77 60 30 39