Tailor your transportation

Passenger transport

– Wherever you go, you are safe with Tromsø Taxi. We have most types of passenger cars and minibuses accommodating up to 16 people.


– Do you want a freshly washed car with sooted windows, maybe even a driver in a suit? In exceptional cases, there is nothing we cannot fix.

Company transport

– Driving to and from weddings, confirmations, birthdays, funerals, and more. For large groups we schedule additional pick-ups to ensure everybody gets to their destination.

Courier Services

– Do you have anything you need to get delivered? We can deliver most things as long as it fits in our cars.

Contact us by e-mail or phone and we will help you with the type of taxi you need.

Allergy Friendly Cars

– For those who wish there were no animals in the car and that the driver does not use perfume.

Wheelchair Transportation

-Our drivers are more than happy to help with a wheelchair and any luggage. Up to 3 wheelchairs per car.


– We have special sightseeing rates for groups. We can offer northern lights hunting, city guiding and whale watching.

Call us at 03011 or send us an email.

Tromsø Taxi AS

Heilovegen 22

Postboks 2070

9266 Tromsø

Org.nr: 983 707 874 MVA


Opening hours: 0900-1500 (Weekdays)

Phone: 77 60 30 10

Faks:77 60 30 39

Email: taxi@tromso-taxi.no